Why do I blog? Let me count the ways!

This week when there’s something fun, clever or sad that happened I find myself thinking “Oh, I need to blog that!” I remember the reason I started this blog, was to write about my trip to the Philippines.

So, here’s some random reasons of why I blog.

~ for my own personal pleasure and amusement
~ to connect with far away friends and love ones
~ to pass time and share my experience
~ to keep my friends and family stay informed of my life (in case any of them care!)
~ because it's fun

Those are just some of the reasons I am here; and if you, the reader, find something amusing or entertaining, then it's been twice the fun.

What about you? Please, feel free to share why you blog.
Miss August

4 Had Something To Say:

Lishak said...

I blog because at the end of every year, I get it printed into a book. Then I have treasured memories recorded and I don't have to keep up with a diary. I also get to keep my pictures in the book along with my commentary. We get to read about all the adventures we have during the year! :)
By the way, I love your new banner!

Miss August said...

That's a great idea! Do you use Shutterfly?
BTW, thank's for stopping by and welcome! :)

Fonda said...

I blog to record my thoughts, to keep my friends and family up to date on our lives and just to have a place to be creative. I am sure glad that you are in the blogging world with me! I enjoy reading your blog and knowing what you guys are up to.

Brenda said...

Hey, well tonight I was really thinking. Friends yawl are so creative I am not IT. I have 2 tech people here i call on. My sister fussed at me today about it. Trying to learn had the camera today. I do have some thoughts. Enjoy all I read.