Just Another Day

My apologies for the non-post! I've been busy with my "current obsession" at the moment, EarthBox gardening and Digital scrapbooking. Besides, there wasn't much exciting going on right now and I've been spending my online time reading about gardening and digi-scrapbooking.

But alas, when I woke up this morning and went out to the back deck to check on my veggies and herbs; look who I found hiding in the corner!

It's the Sneaky Gnome!!!

DH said he took pity on him and let him come home with him when he was out and about this morning. Besides, he said I really wanted to take him home the first time I saw him, so he did it for me! Isn't my hubby sweet? :)

So, I guess I'll let him stay outside and guard my tomatoes!

My container garden is growing like crazy. I have six varieties of tomatoes, two Ichiban Eggplants, three summer squash, three zuchinni, three different types of bell pepper and of course our herbs.

I can't wait until my veggies start producing! I'm planning to get 15 EarthBox for next year. So, if you're thinking of giving me a gift for my Birthday, Christmas, etc... an EarthBox gift would be perfect! ::wink wink::

Miss August

3 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

Earth boxes for all holidays. That should make shopping for you very easy for DH!

I love the gnome, by the way!

Dear Husband said...



It used to take jewelry!

Becky said...

Sound like a neat idea.