73 Days!

WHAT?!? You're probably wondering what happened to the other 14 days.

Well... while DH was out for his doctor's appointment Seattle HR called again and told me that he needed to call them back because the date got changed. When I mentioned that I was his wife and we knew that it was changed to Oct. 12, she said... "Well, his new pick-up date is now Sept. 28!"


Fortunately, 80% of our boxes are still packed. Since, we were planning to do a "touch and go" here in CRW, we decided not to unpack everything.

I just finished talking and making reservation for the moving company. They will be here Sept. 29th to load and take everything. So, Tuesday, Sept. 30th were on our way out to Spokane, Washington!

Now, I just need to make airline & hotel reservations and get a rental car for Spokane. We're planning to go at the end of August to do a "marathon" house-hunting.

Of course there are still a lot of editing and packing to do. I'm getting stressed-out thinking about it.

Miss August

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Fonda said...

My, how quickly time flies!!!