Spring, where art thou?

The gray and cold weather is starting to get on my nerves! Today, I woke up and there's frost on the ground! Weather forecast for snow today and tomorrow. Grrr!

I've been having a very bad cabin fever for the last week. I want to start my vegetable garden but it won't be frost free until May 15th. So, I must wait until then.

To my friends down south, won't you please send warm sunny days in my neck of the woods!

3 Had Something To Say:

Robin said...

My oldest Jennifer and her husband had moved to Puyallup for a year after they got married, even though she like the state she hated the weather and I was surprised to hear he say I want to go back to Texas weather. Sorry you have to wait for your garden.

Natalie said...

Spring is in Georgia! Everything is blooming and gorgeous. I would try to send you some, but once when I tried to send Autumn a cookie, it didn't work. :-( I'll send some pictures, though!

Fonda said...

I huffed and I puffed, but I don't see any changes on the weather map. Maybe you just need to come for a visit!