The PacMan vs The HitMan

I'm not really a big boxing fan. But since Manny Pacquiao is from the Philippines and my fellow countryman, I thought I'd write a little about him.

PacMan as he is widely known, is considered as the pound for pound champion of the world. Manny’s fighting record stands at 48 Wins, 3 Losses and 2 Draws. Those 48 wins include 36 knockouts. He is a source of great pride and is considered a hero in the Philippines.

Good luck Manny... I hope you win!


Congrats Manny! Pacquiao deafeated Hatton in the 2nd round!

3 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

I never thought I would read about sports on your blog...much less boxing! Wishing you and PacMan the best.

Miss August said...

Normally I wouldn't... especially boxing. Maybe I'll blog about the Superbowl if the Cowboys are playing.


Fonda said...

The Cowboys??? NOOOOOOO! You can't be a Cowboys fan!

I heard that your guy won in the second round the other night. Congrats!