Summer Round-Up

Summer is quickly coming to a close and fall season soon to begin! I'm sorry to see summer gone but I am ready for the cooler weather and I am ready to end my hiatus from updating my blog!

DH had to work a 6-day week pretty much all summer. The extra money from over-time was very nice. But we weren't able to do our favorite activity which is to go on road trip on weekends, to visit nearby towns and check-out festivals around the area. Although, we had a chance to go and explore the Olympic Peninsula while visiting his parents in Bremerton.

I have lots of photos to share, and DH just bought me an external hard drive (1Terrabyte) so I can organize my pictures. I will try and upload some photos soon.

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Fonda said...

Can hardly wait for pictures...though I hope it doesn't take as long it will take autumn to come to us. Still HOT and dry in our part of Texas. Maybe we will get a cool snap around October! Ha!

Glad you are back! I have missed you.

reslynn said...

Hi August,
Im Resty the Webmaster of ocnhs77.wordpress.com. Actually, you have left a comment in the very first album page I set up back then. That's when I have taken note about you.

Sorry it took me that long to say something back since the site I created for the OCNHS77 have grown so big. You could check it out and it's now a community and got all kinds of stuff going on.

And from you have mentioned, you're almost an OCNHS77 batchmate too then.

You got such a nice blog with a great touch of your spiritual wisdom. Keep it up and God Bless.

OCNHS77 Webmaster