I ♥ Road Trips!

"Life's a journey, not a destination"

Five glorious days of antiquing, wine tasting, cheese tasting, shopping, dining out, relaxing in front of the fire... what else can girl ask for?

DH and I own a WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare and decided to spend sometime in one of the resort in Birch Bay. The resort is about 7 miles to the USA/Canada border and it's about 7 hours drive from our house. We had a wonderful time just relaxing and spending quality time together.

We walked to the beach, visited local wineries and dairy farms. We visited the nearby towns; Bellingham is a seaport and college town, and Lynden, is a cute little Dutch town. I love walking thru downtown, window shopping and looking at old-century brick building. I managed to pick-up a couple of Fenton milk glass to add to my collection at one of the antique shops. ☺

There are several berry farms in the area; there are blueberries, blackberries, marionberries and many others. Some of the berry farms look just like a vineyard, it's beautiful. Berry season was over and missed the harvest.

We drove to Canada one early morning and spend the day in Vancouver. We had lunch at one of the local pub, and walk around downtown and Gastown. I did not realized how big Vancouver is... it's a HUGE city! WorldMark has a resort in downtown Vancouver, so DH and I are planning to go back and spend a few days there.

The fall foliage are so beautiful, I can't find the words to describe it! We drove the farm roads, the coastal highway & byway, and many a long-winding road... it was a perfect time to take a drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

On the way home, we decided to take another route instead of our usual Interstate Hwy 90 over Snoqualmie Pass; we took US Hwy 2 and went over Stevens Pass instead. It was a longer drive and more treacherous (in my opinion) but it was well worth it. We stopped along the way to take foliage pictures and we stopped at Leavenworth, a very picturesque German town for lunch. Leavenworth is famous for it's Oktoberfest and and makes you feel as if you are in Germany. I found out WorldMark has a resort there! We're adding this place to our list of weekend get-away.

I am looking forward to our next road trip!

3 Had Something To Say:

Sister Becky said...

Beautiful pictures; fall is so pretty.

Brenda said...

I Love road trips too! this is such a pretty drive with all trees now. Canada is so lovely too.

Fonda said...

Beautiful! We are still in the soggy bottoms of torential rainfalls but the temperatures are finally beginning to fall. No changing leaves...but nicer weather ahead.