Sunday Roundup

It was a good week. We got our “container garden” done. DH and I went to visit Capitol Market a couple of times this week to check for veggies and more herbs to plant. I discovered gardening with “Earth Box” a few days ago and we went to Beckley (closest dealer within 75 miles radius) on Saturday to buy one. It’s not cheap but I’ve read some great reviews about it so I decided to spend the money.

There’s another garden container similar to Earth Box called “Garden Box” it’s less expensive so I ordered one online as well. I’m going to experiment with both boxes and compare to see which one I like better. Next year, I plan to expand my “garden” beyond tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I was hoping to plant some leaf lettuce in the 2nd box but I found out its too late in the season. I ended up getting some summer squash and zucchinis instead.

These are some photos I got from the forum I visits so you can see what an Earth Box looks like. I’m excited about it; people plant all kinds of things using EB… from tomatoes to corn to strawberry to watermelon.

Patio Garden

Rooftop Garden

Rolling Garden

DH got busy working and imported his Wordpress blog to our own domain. The Thompson Chronicles site is looking good. If you have his blog linked, you might want to change the URL address. You can check his blog at the new digs.

I also got my first complete blogwear design finished for a friend. I used a digi-scrapbook kit I purchased to create the banner and the background. I learned to tweak the existing “Minima Template” from Blogger and it turned out nice.

Beginning next week, I’m going to start getting organized and edit more stuff to prepare for our move. We are either moving across town when we buy a house or across the country if he gets the job in Spokane, WA.

I hope you had a good week as I have.

Miss August

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