Cute Banner

I was feeling creative today and made a new banner. DH suggested I should delete "one day at a time" since I only blog occasionally. I decided to incorporate both. I like it! :)


Green Stuff

DH and I went to Capitol Market today to look at some plants. We weren’t really planning to do any “gardening” this summer. But, there were some heirloom tomatoes that sprouted and growing from our old container last year. So, we’ve decided to go ahead and plant some other things.

(Black Krim from our original tomato plant)

We purchased some herbs, bell peppers, a flower plant, more tomatoes and more herbs.

"please take me home!"

This little guy wanted me to take him home... but I decided to leave him there for now. I might come back for him one of this days!

I apologize for the bad photos... I used my Moto Q to take these pictures instead of my Cannon.


Memorial Day Remembered


Caricature Portrait

Look what I got in my inbox today! Wheeee!

I ordered this from a guy in Thailand. I think he did a great job! I'll spend some time later to design a new banner and look for my blog befitting my new cartoon.

What do you think? Does it look like me?


Strolling Down the Avenue

No, it’s not me and my shadow, it’s me and my Dansko… clog that is.

I have always had a love affair with shoes… from ballerina flats to boots to stiletto heels. When I was younger, I chose fashion over comfort. Now, that I am older and wiser, I would rather be comfortable than fashionable.

I was first introduce to clogs the first year DH and I were in Alaska. He came home one day with a pair of Stegmann Woolfelt Clog as a gift for me. Apparently, one of the lady controller in Anchorage would come in to work and would change to her Stegmann’s and would rave how comfortable it was. So, he got me a pair! I didn’t really wear my Stegmann’s outside the house and mostly wore it at home as my house shoes.

One day at church, I noticed many of the women wearing this particular clog and I asked one of them what it was. She told me it was Dansko and that I could get them locally at Skinny Raven, one of the few specialty shoe store in Anchorage.

So of course, I asked DH to take me to Skinny Raven since I didn’t know where it was located. When we got to the store, I was surprised to find out how expensive the shoes are. But, when I tried on a pair, my feet were in heaven! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on! We left the store with my first pair of Dansko stapled clog. I chose the “Professional” style in Cordovan Cabrio color, which is the dressiest style of all the clogs!

This is how I started my love affair with Dansko shoes.

I pretty much wear my Dansko 99% of the time. It is my choice of shoes for travelling especially if I am flying. You can slip in and out of it going thru the security screening at the airport. Moreover, if you are going to do a lot of walking, well there is just no other choice but my Dansko. Oh sure, I still wear other brand of shoes… I might wear them for a few hours for church, or if we have a “fancy” engagement and my clogs just doesn't match that fancy dress.

Just a little background about Dansko: A couple from Pennsylvania was visiting Denmark and found these clogs from Sanita, a company in Denmark who has been making these clogs by hand for 100 years. This couple got the rights and patent to sell these clogs in the US and that is how they started Dansko, Inc.

I found out a few days ago that Sanita is no longer manufacturing the stapled clogs for Dansko. In August 2007, the contractual relationship between Dansko Inc. and Sanita has ended. Now some of the Dansko clogs are being made in China. I called Dansko today and let them know my disappointment and displeasure that my favorite shoes are now being manufactured in China.

I decided to look in eBay to see if I can get some of the “original” Dansko. Lo’ and behold I found Skinny Raven was selling some of their old stocks on eBay! I got a pair of the Professional in brown velour for a great price!

I know, I went on and on about my clogs! But if you have the most comfortable shoes on earth, wouldn’t you? I know these clogs are not the prettiest, but hey, my feet love them!

What about you? What’s your most favorite pair of shoes?
Miss August


Wordless Wednesday - Beautiful Daughter


Sunday Roundup

Well, my weekend went sour this week. Our Friday plans to go to Buckhannon, WV for their Strawberry Festival was cancelled due to bad weather. It has been raining here all week. I was really looking forward to our little road trip. Festivals are so much fun! However, we did not get to go.

Then on Saturday, I decided to get a haircut and the woman who cut it, really “butchered” my hair. I am so mad! I even brought pictures of the “haircut” I want. So, there won’t be any confusion of what I really wanted. It's “Bob hairstyle” that's longer in the front and shorter in the back. Just like the photos below!

She told me to come back Monday so she can “fix” it. I DON’T THINK SO! There’s no way I’m going to let her anywhere near my hair again! Finding a good hairstylist is so much more difficult than looking for a good doctor.

At least our weekend wasn’t a total lost. DH and I went out for a Mexican food and then watched Music and Lyrics, (a movie starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant) at home.

I hope your weekend was better than mine was!


Wordless Wednesday - Then and Now

Ten years ago...

Ten years later!


Obama Mama

Tomorrow is WV Democratic Primary election. Senator Obama was here campaigning in Charleston today. I wanted to go see and listen to him speak. But, unfortunately there were limited tickets and wasn’t able to get one.

I have been following the democrat’s primary election and I’ve been reading all these various political blog sites. Let me tell you it’s much better than any soap opera on TV. It's just so interesting what people think and say about Obama and Clinton. Some of these supporters are very hard-core-just to die for their candidate.

Poll says he will lose WV. :(

I guess I might as well confess…


Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! We got the flowers ordered in time to be delivered today for my MiL. I didn't know what kind of flowers to get for her. She has a bunch of bulb type flowers like tulip in her big yard. So, we decided to go with a potted gardenia flower plant. I hope she likes it.

DH (dear husband) and I don’t have really anything plan for Mother’s Day. I’m always conflicted about what they call the “Hallmark Holidays” like Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Days. And I’m not at all very good at sending cards… I always meant to send them; as a matter of fact I have two or three boxes of all sorts of greeting cards. I just never get around to sending any of it.

If you could have ANYTHING you wanted for Mother's Day, what would it be? Flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry? A day at the spa? Homemade cards from the kids? Handpicked flowers from the yard? Breakfast in bed? A lunch out at your favorite restaurant?

Well, whatever it is…I hope and wish you a happy Mother’s Day!

New Look!

I got tired of the way my blog looked so I decided to revamp it. I hope you like the new look. I made the banner myself, it's my first creation so it's a little sloppy.

I also added some songs... enjoy!!!


My Kadesh Barnea

My Kadesh Barnea
by Autumn R. Saunders

A place where I’ve wandered tired, alone
I’ve settled for less and tried to make it on my own.
Thirsty and broken I cry out unaware
The path I have chosen is now my despair.

This is my Kadesh Barnea.

A desolate land filled with compromise and fear
My vision was clouded by apathy… Tell me-how did I get here?
Wrong choices misled me, now tears fall down my face.
God I know you can save me, take me out of this place.

This is my Kadesh Barnea.

Away in the distance I hear your voice
You are waiting for me-I must make the choice.
A longing for restoration burns in my soul
Communion with the Creator can make me whole.

It is time to leave my Kadesh Barnea.

I cling to Your promise of living water and peace
I know abundant life is what you have for me
My anguish will cease.

Goodbye to my Kadesh Barnea.

I did not penned this poem. I was looking through some old files in my computer and found it in one of Autumn's old folder; I'm not sure if DD (darling daughter) wrote it or not. But, when I read it, I felt like the Holy Spirit was talking to me.

Please pray for me that I can leave and say goodbye to my own Kadesh Barnea.

P.S. I asked DD about this poem and she said she wrote it her freshman year at Whitworth University.