Home Sweet Home Part 2

Well, we have been in our house for two weeks now. It's been very busy and chaotic. We have so much to do!!! With the holidays coming up we are trying to get the house in order for friends and family.

Darling Daughter has a childhood friend from Illinois visiting her for Thanksgiving and along with DD's "Manfriend" they will be having dinner with us. I still have yet to unpack my fancy china and silverware.

The rest of my Dear Husband's family will be here weekend of December 12th for family get together. And DH doesn't seem to understand that I'm a little nervous since this is the FIRST time his whole family will be visiting us. And I want this to be absolutely perfect, which I know it won't be.

New beds have been delivered for the guestrooms, sectional sofa was ordered from Lazyboy and a big flat screen TV has been shipped. I just hope they get here before Thanksgiving.

Now if I can just unpack the boxes in the garage and put away... every thing would be so nice!

Miss August


Back to the World Wide Web!

Oh my goodness! We finally have interwebs!!!
Will post more later. :)

Miss August