10 days and counting!

I have 10 days to get ready for my trip! So many things to do. I think I have most everything I need/want to take with me.

Doug will be in Pittsburgh, PA next week for 5 days for an FAA conference/training. I won't be going with him since his coming back the day before I leave for the Philippines. I wanted to stay home and make sure I am well prepared for my big trip. I would have love to go to Pittsburgh, but since he will be working all day and his Manager is going as well, I decided not to go.

We plan to do some week-end road trips when I get back in November. I would love to see the foliage in the fall. They say it's beautiful!

4 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

Only 10 days to go? I hope you have at least started packing! How many bags will it take to spend a month?

sarah said...


This is such a huge trip. I'm so excited for you! Be sure to take many photos!

Fonda said...

It is now Day 6...you still hanging in there?

Miss August said...

Yeah! I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut-off. I'm getting really anxious.