This and that...

It's been busy around here. After getting of all DH (dear husband) clothes laundered and pressed. I got a phone call from DD (darling daugther). We talked for hours until her guy friend from Iraq called. It was really nice just talking with her.

I'm almost packed! I purchased these packing cubes online and they're really nice. Now when security goes through my luggage, my clothes won't be all over the place. Still have a long list of things I need to get from the store. Also, I need to get my manicure, pedicure and brow wax done. After all they haven't seen me for almost 30 years and I want to look my best! =)

DH told me that I'm just like a cat when I want attention. I start rubbing my head on him and make him stop whatever he's doing, coz I want attention NOW! I laughed so hard because I realized he was right.

Weather here is getting cooler. I'm finally feeling like it's fall. We didn't get much rain this summer and it's been really hot until a week ago! People are saying we might not get good foliage. I hope not. I'm really looking forward to a "real fall" with lots of orange and golden colors.

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Fonda said...

I can just imagine that picture! Do you purr too? I would love to hear about the packing cubes. I am going to NY in February and know that packing will be interesting as I will have no idea how much to pack. It has been forever since I was anywhere near a 'real winter'. I am not even sure you can buy a 'real coat' here in Houston!

Miss August said...

What's up in NY? going on a vacation? NY is only about 8 hours from Charleston. We should meet up halfway! =)

Fonda said...

Flying up with friends for a 'girls weekend'. Never thought I would want to visit...but am really looking forward to it now. We are going to see Jersey Boys, see the Statue of Liberty and other such touristy things.

And...you really should go to a college football game, at least once. It is so much fun, even if you are not an diehard fan of either team. We went to an A&M vs Rice game with the Schroeders a few years ago...it was a blast.