Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! We got the flowers ordered in time to be delivered today for my MiL. I didn't know what kind of flowers to get for her. She has a bunch of bulb type flowers like tulip in her big yard. So, we decided to go with a potted gardenia flower plant. I hope she likes it.

DH (dear husband) and I don’t have really anything plan for Mother’s Day. I’m always conflicted about what they call the “Hallmark Holidays” like Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Days. And I’m not at all very good at sending cards… I always meant to send them; as a matter of fact I have two or three boxes of all sorts of greeting cards. I just never get around to sending any of it.

If you could have ANYTHING you wanted for Mother's Day, what would it be? Flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry? A day at the spa? Homemade cards from the kids? Handpicked flowers from the yard? Breakfast in bed? A lunch out at your favorite restaurant?

Well, whatever it is…I hope and wish you a happy Mother’s Day!

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Fonda said...

I know what you mean. Mother's Day can be a bit frustrating for me. My relationship with my mother has certainly had it's ups and downs...so those 'perfect relationship' cards just don't work for me.

But, for my answer to your question, I certainly cherish the homemade cards that the kids did when they were younger (not the ones they were forced to do in class). Some showed quite the creativity.

As they grow older and have families of their own, my favorite thing to recieve would be a family picture...and my gift to them would be to release them from the obligation of spending Mother's Day with me so that they can cherish their own day. I know Meagan and Kelli need a 'special day' more than I do right now as they are in 24/7 childcare and diapers!

Still, I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing Mother's Day my friend! Any love bugs up that far?

Brenda said...

Yes, I was going to send Mom K. a Gardenia Plant but they had stopped taking wires. My mom worked at the funeral home carrying flowers so many years she just told me 2 months ago they make her think of DEATH!

I didn't spend Mother's Day with my Mom this year and it was o.k. My family focused the day around me starting in the moring w/breakfast it was kinda nice to have my day. I would of been with my mom but due to my H. being sick we couldn't pass the germs to her.

As I for me I have had my share of cards but some of my favorites are the homemade cards with homemade coupons for for whatever I need.
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!
I really enjoy your music.