Obama Mama

Tomorrow is WV Democratic Primary election. Senator Obama was here campaigning in Charleston today. I wanted to go see and listen to him speak. But, unfortunately there were limited tickets and wasn’t able to get one.

I have been following the democrat’s primary election and I’ve been reading all these various political blog sites. Let me tell you it’s much better than any soap opera on TV. It's just so interesting what people think and say about Obama and Clinton. Some of these supporters are very hard-core-just to die for their candidate.

Poll says he will lose WV. :(

I guess I might as well confess…

4 Had Something To Say:

Dear Husband said...

Now you've done it! None of your friends and family are going to talk to you anymore!

Brenda said...

I'll talk to you August! You Obama Mama! This has been an interesting campaign to say the least.

We are seeing History in the making.

Fonda said...

Okay...well, you have loved me through much worse confessions, so I guess I will grant you some grace. I guess I just don't really know who you are anymore! Ha!

All kidding aside, I am glad that you have found a candidate that you can stand behind during this election year. It has been a frustrating year for me. Being from Arkansas, I just can't get behind Hillary and my beloved Republican party has severely disappointed me with their choice for this year. I still am not positive what my vote will be come November.

Brenda said...

August where are you?
I checked out the whole template Monday and read aticles in TCW magazine. Thank you hope you are having a great day.

I really don't have a candidate I just don't know what happen to our REpublican Party.

Stand and believe in something and you found yours good!