Strolling Down the Avenue

No, it’s not me and my shadow, it’s me and my Dansko… clog that is.

I have always had a love affair with shoes… from ballerina flats to boots to stiletto heels. When I was younger, I chose fashion over comfort. Now, that I am older and wiser, I would rather be comfortable than fashionable.

I was first introduce to clogs the first year DH and I were in Alaska. He came home one day with a pair of Stegmann Woolfelt Clog as a gift for me. Apparently, one of the lady controller in Anchorage would come in to work and would change to her Stegmann’s and would rave how comfortable it was. So, he got me a pair! I didn’t really wear my Stegmann’s outside the house and mostly wore it at home as my house shoes.

One day at church, I noticed many of the women wearing this particular clog and I asked one of them what it was. She told me it was Dansko and that I could get them locally at Skinny Raven, one of the few specialty shoe store in Anchorage.

So of course, I asked DH to take me to Skinny Raven since I didn’t know where it was located. When we got to the store, I was surprised to find out how expensive the shoes are. But, when I tried on a pair, my feet were in heaven! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on! We left the store with my first pair of Dansko stapled clog. I chose the “Professional” style in Cordovan Cabrio color, which is the dressiest style of all the clogs!

This is how I started my love affair with Dansko shoes.

I pretty much wear my Dansko 99% of the time. It is my choice of shoes for travelling especially if I am flying. You can slip in and out of it going thru the security screening at the airport. Moreover, if you are going to do a lot of walking, well there is just no other choice but my Dansko. Oh sure, I still wear other brand of shoes… I might wear them for a few hours for church, or if we have a “fancy” engagement and my clogs just doesn't match that fancy dress.

Just a little background about Dansko: A couple from Pennsylvania was visiting Denmark and found these clogs from Sanita, a company in Denmark who has been making these clogs by hand for 100 years. This couple got the rights and patent to sell these clogs in the US and that is how they started Dansko, Inc.

I found out a few days ago that Sanita is no longer manufacturing the stapled clogs for Dansko. In August 2007, the contractual relationship between Dansko Inc. and Sanita has ended. Now some of the Dansko clogs are being made in China. I called Dansko today and let them know my disappointment and displeasure that my favorite shoes are now being manufactured in China.

I decided to look in eBay to see if I can get some of the “original” Dansko. Lo’ and behold I found Skinny Raven was selling some of their old stocks on eBay! I got a pair of the Professional in brown velour for a great price!

I know, I went on and on about my clogs! But if you have the most comfortable shoes on earth, wouldn’t you? I know these clogs are not the prettiest, but hey, my feet love them!

What about you? What’s your most favorite pair of shoes?
Miss August

5 Had Something To Say:

Dear Husband said...

Rockport™ shoes are tops for me.

Dave Thompson said...

Sperry Topsiders almost 100% of the time.

DOD (Dear Old Dad)

Miss August said...

Hi DoD! Welcome to my bloggie! =)

Fonda said...

My favorite shoes are whatever I can find that matches for the day!

Miss August said...

I highly recommend these shoes Fonda. But I would probably get Sanita's stapled flexible clog to get my first pair. At least you'll know for sure you're not getting a pair made in China if you get one from Sanita's.