My Kadesh Barnea

My Kadesh Barnea
by Autumn R. Saunders

A place where I’ve wandered tired, alone
I’ve settled for less and tried to make it on my own.
Thirsty and broken I cry out unaware
The path I have chosen is now my despair.

This is my Kadesh Barnea.

A desolate land filled with compromise and fear
My vision was clouded by apathy… Tell me-how did I get here?
Wrong choices misled me, now tears fall down my face.
God I know you can save me, take me out of this place.

This is my Kadesh Barnea.

Away in the distance I hear your voice
You are waiting for me-I must make the choice.
A longing for restoration burns in my soul
Communion with the Creator can make me whole.

It is time to leave my Kadesh Barnea.

I cling to Your promise of living water and peace
I know abundant life is what you have for me
My anguish will cease.

Goodbye to my Kadesh Barnea.

I did not penned this poem. I was looking through some old files in my computer and found it in one of Autumn's old folder; I'm not sure if DD (darling daughter) wrote it or not. But, when I read it, I felt like the Holy Spirit was talking to me.

Please pray for me that I can leave and say goodbye to my own Kadesh Barnea.

P.S. I asked DD about this poem and she said she wrote it her freshman year at Whitworth University.

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Fonda said...

Beautiful! You have raised a very deep thinker. I have missed you so very much and have wondered about you often. I am glad to hear that you are leaving Kadesh Barnea...I hope to meet you in Canaan real soon! Much love, my friend!

Brenda said...

This is wonderful August. I am so glad you found and blogged this poem sure gives one somthing to think about. I was thinking of you Wednesday afternoon wondering about you and Doug. I missed seeing you on the blog. I am glad your leaving K.B. welcome back.

Brenda said...

Yes we did blog the very same time. I was thinking of you after I saw that so glad to see your name pop up. The poem you penned is great a real blessing we all needed to hear "My Kadesh Barnea" thank you.
Love You,

Miss August said...

Hi Brenda! Actually Autumn wrote "My Kadesh Barnea" her freshman year at Whitworth U.

I found a bunch of her writings in one of my old folders. I think I'll ask her permision if I can post a few of them online.