As Promised

Dear Husband looking disgusted. I don't think he was happy with me taking a picture of him at 6:00 am.

Pretty spiffy in my new hairstyle!

4 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

Sassy! I like your new 'do. You have to keep a good stylist. I still haven't found one that I just 'love' since leaving Alief...and even then, it had become hard to get Stacy at Hair Professionals when I went in. And like Robin said, you just reminded me that I will need a touch up before San Franscisco! Better get on the ball.

Oh, and doesn't Doug look a mover and a shaker in his power red shirt! Supervisor is looking good on him.

Sarah said...

I love your new do! I might have to drive over for a weekend soon and borrow your stylist!

Miss August said...

Yeah... he looks great in cranberry colors! His official title is "Front Line Manager" and managers has to wear a tie to work.

Lishak said...

Wow...your hubby looks like that at 6 in the morning!?!? Good job. I wish it was that easy for women. :)
Love your hair. That cut looks great on you!