Philippines Part Deux Update

Well, I made to the Internet cafe today! Woohoo! So here's a quick update about my trip.

Day 1
When I left Spokane, it was snowing and I got to the airport around 8:00am, the airport wasn't busy so I was able to check-in fast and was able to get in an earlier flight. As the plane took-off, the passenger beside and I started talking. I had mention that I was on the way to the Philippines, and he asked if I was going thru Tokyo, Japan on flight NW7. I told him that I was, and he then told me... "Well, I will be flying you there!" The guy that I was sitting with was my Pilot! He was wearing a leather jacket so I didn't notice he was wearing a Pilot's uniform.

Flight from Seattle to Tokyo was late. The plane was already out of the gate and was proceeding to the runway when we were told that there was something wrong with the plane and that we had to go back to the gate. I really can't say what time we took-off since I fell asleep waiting. We landed in Tokyo at 5:30pm (Japan time) and my connecting fligth started boarding at 6:05pm for a 7:00pm departure. By the time it was my turn to leave the plane, I didn't have much time to go thru security and find my gate! I was so frantic!!!

Flight from Tokyo was uneventful. Got in MIA on time and my brother, his wife and my nephew was waiting for us. We then had a 3-hour drive from the airport to my sister's house.

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