Sunday Round-Up

Philippine Week-in Review:

Monday, 2/16 - Arrived in Manila International on time (11:00pm local time). Then took another 3 hour drive to get to the house from Manila to Pamatawan, Zambales. We got in around 3:30 am Tuesday.

Tuesday, 2/17 - Not much sleep! We went into the city (Olongapo City - about an hour drive) to do some shopping. When we got there, the whole city doesn't have any electricity. Electric company was doing some maintenance and the power was out all day. Regardless to say, every store we went in was like a hot spa inside. I was sweating or should I say... perspiring like a pig.

Wednesday, 2/18 - Stayed home to recuperate! I had a home-service massage for 1.5 hour for the cost of measly $3.00... that's not a typo, it's really $3.00!!!

Thursday, 2/19 - It's the local "Market Day"! Niece #1 and I along with my brother went to do some shopping. We bought a lot vegetables, fish, a big sack of rice and other "stuff" that I can't find in the states.

After lunch, we went in the city for some pampering at one of the high-end salon/beauty spa. We had our hair done, facial, manicure, spa pedicure and also had face waxed. We were treated like royalty and service was excellent! Can you guess how much it cost for all this? ... $50.00 ! ! !

Friday & Saturday, 2/20-21 - We left for Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines for the weekend! Got up really early since it's a 7 hour road trip. We decided to take the bus which is called Victory Liner. The bus itself is very much like Greyhound bus, the seats are comfortable and it's air-conditioned. The scenery was lovely and we stayed in a very nice bed & breakfast type place instead of a hotel. Our excursion was alot of fun!

Sunday, 2/22 - Finally managed to find an Internet cafe close to the house. I was able to chat to DH. Also saw DD online so we chatted a little.

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