Update on Dear Husband

Most of you know that DH had an RNY Gastric Bypass done in Sept. 2008. You can read his adventure here.

It's been almost 5 months since his surgery. Almost immediately, he has stopped taking ALL of his prescription meds, no more insulin and best of all his Diabetes is in remission. He is down to 227 lbs. (the heaviest he weighed was 350 a few years ago in Alaska). Lost 15 inches around his waist. He's wearing 44 waist pants now and he told me today that I'm going to need to get him some size 42's pretty soon! And he went from size 20 neck down to 17. I am telling you, he's almost a different person looking at him! He's always been a very handsome man, but he's really looking mighty fine these days! :)

I snapped a picture of him early this morning before he left for work, but I haven't figured out how to really use my new Canon camera. So I'll post a photo of him another day.

He's really doing awesome with his new eating habits and that's good for me as well since I've lost 10 pounds. I can't wait for warm weather when we can take advantage biking/walking the trails & park around the neighborhood. I wonder if I can get him to play golf!!!

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Robin said...

I love the look of the blog...and I was wondering how your husband's weight thing had been going...I read his blog awhile back, clicking on it from Fonda's but no updates since your move...Thanks for updating.

Fonda said...

Way to go Doug!