Tear One's Hair

"tear one's hair, to manifest extreme anxiety, grief, or anger."

That's exactly how I felt when I first walked into the hair salon this afternoon. I wasn't angry but I was sure anxious! I had such a bad experience with so called "hairstylist" in Charleston, WV that I haven't gotten around of finding one here in Liberty Lake.

A few weeks ago, I saw an ad in the local newspaper so I cut it and put it on my fridge. Also, when I ask my massage therapist who cut her hair, it was the same person in the ad. So, last week I took the plunge and called the hairstylist and made an appointment for today. I'm glad I did!!!

She did an awesome job cutting and coloring my hair. I am so happy that I found a stylist to keep. My experience at her salon was great, they are not only very professional but they are very talented as well. The owner Karen is very friendly and funny. I like her right away. Briana, the young lady who works for her is a Paul Mitchell The School grad. Not just your ordinary grad but a Phase 2 graduate. Apparently it's a big thing and great honor to be one. Since they only take 10 grads to continue to Phase 2 and you have to be invited. She's pretty knowledgeable and talented. While Briana was styling my hair at the end, she was telling me all these "how to's". I felt like I was getting a private lesson. Karen from "Karen Does My Hair" Salon is indeed a find and a keeper!

I have some after photos but I still haven't had the chance to install the software for my new Canon camera, so I have to post it another day. I promise, I will! So you can see how cute I look in my new hairstyle!

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Robin said...

I love a good hair stylist! And I'm glad your post reminded me that i need to make an appointment before my trip.