Philippines Part Deux - Travel Day

DH and I are off to the airport! My flight leaves at 9:30am and I'll get in SEA-TAC (Seattle/Tacoma) an hour later, then catch my flight to Tokyo, Japan where I will meet with Marty, Niece #1. We will travel together from Japan to the Philippines. We should be arriving in Manila International Monday, Feb. 16th around 11:00pm. Whew!!! This is a very long flight!

Please, pray for travel mercies - safety, smooth boarding and comfort.

I have my new iPod Nano (DH gave it to me for Valentine's), books, travel pillow and Flexeril for my back. So, I think I'm pretty prepared for this long trip.

Bon Voyage!

2 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

Tell Marty hello for me! You girls have fun.

Robin said...

Be safe and post pictures when you get back...