Philippines Part Deux

It's Saturday midnight... and as usual I left some of my preparation for my trip at the very last minute. But I am all pack and right now DH and I are listening to some music, drinking a bottle of Pinot Grigio while we talk and play on the computer.

I am very excited! The main reason I'm going to the Philippines is so I can get the adoption paperwork started. That's right you read it right... adoption! I have been keeping this a secret, other than our immediate family and 2 or 3 close friends I shared with, very few people know that we are planning to adopt a little girl.

I am not yet ready to share the details about her, other than she is a beautiful and a very smart little girl. I fell in-love with her the first time I met her. But I will share a picture.

@ 18 months

So I covet your prayers, that the adoption process will go smoothly. I was given a name of an attorney, who was well recommended and I plan to use him. I have done my research online and I am bringing the necessary papers with me. I just hope I have everything I need!

4 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

I am so excited for you and Doug! She is absolutely precious. May the Lord prepare the way before you!

Robin said...

WOW....Congrats! Hope everything goes according to plan.

Tammy said...

She is adorable! Good luck with everything! You are doing a truly amazing thing!!

Fred said...

She is so adorable!
Love and Best wishes,