A Walk Down "Computer Memory" Lane

Recently, Kelli wrote "how did people live without internet" in her blog. That got me thinking how computers and the Internet is such a big part of my life.

I remember when Paul bought his first computer in 1984, I didn't know at the time it was the beginning of his love affair with computers. He studied electronic engineering in college, but when he bought a Commodore Vic 20 computer he immediately started learning all he can about Basic Programming. Then a year later he upgraded to Commodore 64. And of course, for you "geeks" out there... who can forget the Intel 8086 Microprocessor! The x86 architecture is the foundation of every PC--Windows, Mac, or Linux--produced today.

Right after Commodore 64 Paul started "building" his own computers. He bought his motherboard, and all the other parts and put it together. He also taught himself computer programming from Basic, to Pascal and anything in between. He can troubleshoot anything, I was amazed how fast he learned about computers. It's like teaching a fish to swim!

Back in the old days, if you wanted to get online, you had to connect to your local Bulletin Board Service or commonly known as "BBS". I remember playing chess with someone in my local BBS. I guess I was a gamer even back then! :)

Remember CompuServe?!?!

What about DOS? I'm sure some of you remember or know about DOS. When I started using computer there's no Windows... no mouse... to use for point and click! Everything is so much more user friendly now. I'm spoiled!

My very first personal homepage was in 1998, I remember getting my own ISP and part of the plan was you can create a webpage. I read and learned HTML code so I can publish my own website. Now you can publish your own website with just a few click of your mouse! How easy is that???

Of course I can't forget to mention how I met my Dear Husband. Before MySpace, Facebook, Match.com or any of these social networking sites... there was ICQ! That's where we met... in an ICQ Christian group. How we met is a story for another day. Maybe I'll get around to posting it on our wedding anniversary... but I digress!

If you really think about it... PC's have not been a common sight in American household for that long. Now it's not uncommon to have a desktop and laptop. DH and I both have our own desktop & laptop computers. That's four computers in one household and not including our "smart phone" which we can also use to get online.

Like Kelli, I am thankful for the creation and invention of computers and the Internet. Otherwise, how can we share our stories in this wonderful world we call "blog-o-sphere"!

What about you my fellow blogger and readers? How has the computer revolution affected your life?

2 Had Something To Say:

Fonda said...

We have two laptops, one desktop, an iTouch, an iPhone and another smart phone...not to mention XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii which both have online capabilities. All of that and we are down to only five of us in the household. Most of the time, Bri and I both have our laptops in our laps as we watch tv, googling whatever question comes to mind!

Stacy said...

Hey - so nice to hear from you! I do agree - not sure where I would be without my laptop! :)