Sunday Round-Up

This week:
We celebrated Darling Daughter's 24th birthday. DH, me, DD and her Manfriend went to a very nice intimate dinner at Wild Sage Bistro. Food was great, conversation went from politics, economics to family and anything in between. Nice time was had by all and we thoroughly enjoyed each others company. Dinner Highlights: Espresso Martini - sheer decadence fresh espresso, made with Godiva liqueur, grand marnier, Tia Maria and Vodka shaken and served in a chocolate rimmed glass with a whipped cream float. Served with a house-made truffle. It was so yummy and rich!

Dear Husband had "thrown" in his name into a pool for a job in Houston, Texas. The position is for Support Manager at IAH. It's a very long shot... but it was one of the job on his list as he "climbs up the ladder" on the management side of the FAA. So we will see what happens. It would be nice to be back in Houston but just thinking about moving AGAIN when we haven't even totally unpack yet is mind boggling.

Took DH to the emergency room. He was having so much pain in his rib that he almost threw-up. They did some test... didn't find anything wrong. He started having this pain a few weeks ago after shoveling snow in the driveway. The pain comes and go, so I hope it's nothing serious.

DH got me a new Cannon camera to take with me for my trip to the Philippines. Yes! I said Philippines... I'm going again in 2 weeks with Niece# 1. Will post more about it later!

All in all, I had a good week! I hope you did too and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday!

Miss August

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Fonda said...

Back to the Philipines! Good for you. It was much too long the last time. I like your new look on the blog. I am not even going to get my hopes up over IAH...though it would be great to have you back here!!!